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The New Home Buyer Report

You may know who your buyers are, but who is buying from your competition and why? ViaSearch sends surveys to virtually every new home buyer to answer questions like:

Who is buying?

Where are they coming from?

Are they using an agent or shopping direct?

What is their household status?

What is their income status?

How long are they actively shopping?

How many communities are they visiting before they buy?


Are you tired of spending money on advertising, only to find out six months or a year later that your media choice was ineffective? Before you spend a dime on advertising, the New Home Buyer Report will show you the effectiveness of each media choice for your specific market and price range. Because our ratings are derived from actual new home buyers and not prospects, you will eliminate the clutter and find out what works for the people who count: buyers.

Master up or master down?

Brick or stucco?

White cabinets or oak?

If you have ever guessed wrong and been stranded with the impossible spec, then this section will be invaluable. It is not what we think people want, it is what people are buying. And it is how important these features are in their decisions to buy. All presented, again, by market area and price point, in an easy-to-read graphic format.
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