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Alpharetta Roswell Herald
"Affordable housing is fast becoming a matter of distance"
"ATLANTA — While housing has risen from the ashes of record foreclosures, the ability of first-time homebuyers to enter..."
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Metro job growth skips mid-wage workers"
"'The only category where wages are growing are high-wage occupations,' Carnathan said. 'Wages are declining in...'"
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Homebuilding survivors control more of market"
"In its heyday, the homebuilding industry in metro Atlanta was a mix of national companies, regional builders and..."
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Wieland Homes sold to PulteGroup"
"In a deal worth upward of $450 million, PulteGroup is buying most of the assets of John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods..."
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Price report: Housing rebound still choppy"
"Metro Atlanta home prices continued to rise late into the spring, although the pace was slower than usual and the number..."
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Investor selling 1,300 Atlanta homes"
"Blackstone Group's Invitation Homes, which swooped into metro Atlanta after the crash of the housing market and bought thousands of homes at a discount, now..."
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